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Featuring Apple Pie

Labor Day Weekend for my clients in the summer of 2010


Friday 3rd lunch 6 ppl


Calamari Salad over Arugula

Roasted Turkey Breast

Pearl Couscous and Pink Lentil Salad

Vinegar and Dill dressed Cucumbers with Watercress

Grilled Vegetables – Zukes, Onion, Tomato

Roast Beet/Goat Cheese Platter

Sliced Tomatoes



Dinner 8 ppl





Roasted Whole Fish

Grilled New York Strip Steaks

Spears of Grilled Asparagus

Roasted Garlic and Onions and Mushrooms

Local Stringbeans

Roast Local Corns


Ice Cream Cake


Saturday 4th Lunch 6ppl


Miso Chicken Salad with Asian Greens

Warm Thai Beef Salad with Spinach

Summer Rolls of Local Beets and Carrots

Cellophane Noodles

Crisp Okra with Jalapenos

Three Radish Slaw

Sliced Tomatoes

Green Salad




Just the Mr. and Mrs.

Grilled Calamari

Pasta Amatriciana



Sunday 5th Lunch 6ppl


Lettuce Wraps with Hoisin Beef

House Cured Salmon

Local Corn Salad

Rice Salad

Kimchi Cabbage Slaw

Roasted Beets with Soy-lime vinaigrette

Green Salad


Dinner – 10ppl


First Course

Romaine – Blackened Onion Vinaigrette


Enchiladas Rancheros of Stewed Turkey

Steak Fajitas

Slow Cooked Black Beans

Coconut Rice

Plantanos Maduros and Tostones

Steamed Spinach with Toasted Local Garlic


Ugly Apple Pie with Homemade Wineberry Sorbet



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