Thanksgiving Menu

Oysters FlorentineCranberries

Thanksgiving Dinner

 Utilizing some of the summer season’s last produce and the winter season’s first meats. Cauliflower and potatoes, oysters and fresh fluke. It is surprising how much is still left in the larder this time of year. Now is the time to begin planning your menu, sourcing your ingredients. We just ordered our turkey. Good Stuff!
Latke with housemade applesauce and sour cream
Baked Oysters
Consommé with dumplings
Local greens with pecans and tart apple vinaigrette
Roast Turkey with homemade country sausage stuffing
Giblet gravy
Broiled Montauk fluke with capers and lemon
Roasted East End cauliflower
Mashed potatoes
Pommes Anna, local potatoes baked with thyme and dark stock
Sweet potato casserole brulee
Local green beans with almonds
Creamed spinach soufflés
Macaroni and cheese
Shaved brussel sprouts with handmade pancetta
Amagansett wild cranberry sauce
Local whole cranberry and orange relish
Pumpkin chiffon pie
Apple pie ala mode
Chocolate pots du crème with chantilly

Fusilli guanciale i tot soi

East end Florentine Sample menu



Steamed local mussels and clams – with garlic, herbs, and chardonnay

Seared beef tenderloin – on bruschetta with mushrooms

Lobster sliders – open faced lobster salad sandwiches

Focaccia – with caramelized onions and local potato


Small Plates

Linguine with fresh local peas and mint

Fusilli with housemade guanciale and local greens

Caesar Salad


Slow roasted tenderloin of beef – cooked rare and sliced to order

Roasted garlic and shallots

Scalloped new potatoes

Grilled local asparagus

Grilled medallions of Montauk Yellowfin tuna

Tomato/avocado salad with arugula oil and lemon


Strawberry rhubarb pie


Strawberry Rhubarb Pie with lemon sorbet

Red velvet chocolate cupcakes


Local flavors sample menu


Fava beans bruschetta with pecorino romano

Lake Montauk clams casino

Grilled chicken satays with olive tapenade

Cauliflower and garden pea samosas with basil chutney

Romaine salad with sliced radishes, garlic chips, and tomato vinaigrette


East End fluke fillets with orange, carrots, and crisp capers

Romanesco, cauliflower, and parsnip hash

Wilted spring spinach



White peach pie and rye whiskey whipped cream

Cinco de Mayo

From left, fish cakes with jalapeno tartar sauce, bottom, sweet potato croquetas with cilantro chutney, and top, ham and manchego croquetas with corn veloute

Cinco de Mayo 2012

First Course

An assortment of appetizers including –

Chips with pico de gallo and guacamole

Seared scallop with sliced avocado and lime aioli on crisp corn tortilla

Fish Cakes with jalapeno tartar sauce

Ham and manchego croquetas with corn veloute

Sweet potato croquetas with cilantro puree

Grilled shrimp with black beans and corn on crisp flour tortilla

Fluke Crudo with olive oil, coarse salt and fresh lime juice

Second Course

Caesar salad with thinly sliced grilled chicken breast

Third Course

Chicken tinga tacos with red onion, cilantro, and sour cream

Ropa vieja with olive and pimento in lettuce wrap

Small tostadas with pinto beans and broccoli and cauliflower ala plancha

Three cheese enchiladas with onion sauce and ancho chiles


Small dulce de leche flans with toasted almonds

Flourless Mexican chocolate lava cakes
Cut tropical fruits with molten Mexican chocolate


Summer Breeze

Full weekend of light summer fare –

Proposed menu for Friday July 22, 2011

18 guests




Fluke crudo with olive oil and preserved lemon

Seared scallops with crisp pancetta and bell pepper

Steamed local clams and mussels

Watermelon cubes with ricotta salata, mint, and chopped olives




Farmstand arugula with Jersey tomatoes and vinaigrette




Grilled loin of American lamb with smoked lamb ribs, grilled local vegetables, roasted carrots, farmstand beans, and mint radish slaw




Blueberry Pie with cream



Proposed menu for Saturday July 23, 2011




Celeriac carpaccio with Saba and parmesan

Fava beans on crisp semolina bread with truffle and romano cheese

White marinated anchovies with local cucumber and cherry tomato

Baked local clams with lemon




Caesar salad of local romaine and freshmade dressing




Pan seared local fluke fillets with lemon and capers served with grilled ratatouille, truffled watercress/radish salad, and citrus couscous




Apple and pear/blueberry pies



Spread fit for Royalty. Wait, wheres the potato salad?

In the ceaseless battle against winter, food will always be the victor. Long live the food! Thursdays, the mens get together to cook dinner. The womens are, of course, always welcomed, we just do the cooking! Good Stuff!

Ice Cold Local Wild Oysters and Cocktail Shrimps

Slow Braised Pork Shoulder

Cornmeal Pudding with Jalapenos and Cheddar

Quick Sauteed Spinach with Onions, Garlic, and Olive Oil

K-Bo’s Organic Warm Potato Salad

Strawberry Blueberry Pie

Check the recipe blog for some key recipes!

Table for twelve

Fresh squeezed orange mojitos

Happy Birthday

Five Courses for 12 Guests

Served with Taittinger Rose’,

Fazi Battaglia Sangiovese di Marche,

and started with fresh squeezed orange and


Course one

Course two


Spinach and cheddar quiches

Creamer potatoes with Roquefort and bacon


Mixed greens with pickled red beets and Valencia orange


Chickpea and leek soup

Course four



Final Course

Slow roasted prime tenderloin of beef

with fresh horseradish cream, braised brussel sprouts,

white, and purple mashed potatoes




Wineberry granita and vanilla ice cream


Coconut angelfood cake with lime curd